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Mill Pond 18 Wynyard

Mill Pond 18 is a 4-unit, separate development within the larger Mill Pond development.Mill Pond has been the first large subdivision in Wynyard for over a decade.


The 42 lot development, in a 

secluded location on the fringe of 

Wynyard. Wynyard is a picturesque regional hub of the surrounding rich agricultural area with a population of just over 5000.


Mill Pond 18 is surrounded by nearby native woodlands and walking tracks along the Inglis River.


The project has sold quickly, demonstrating a changed real estate market along Tasmania’s North West Coast. 




Development Application:  Approved

Building Application: Approved                                 

Commencement: May 2022

Anticipated Completion: Completed


For more detailed information on the investment opportunity , call or please contact us here.

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