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For more than a decade Red Panda Property Group has been creating opportunities in the Tasmanian real estate market. Over the last three years we have established an excellent portfolio of premium development and investment sites across our beautiful island. 

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Based in Hobart, and 100% Tasmanian owned and operated, Red Panda has been operating in and around Tasmania for more than two decades. We have developed properties from Dynnyrne in the south, to George Town in the north and Wynyard in the north-west. Mostly over that period we have focussed on urban infill projects where there is smaller footprint, less urban sprawl and a development that revitalizes the area not only cosmetically, but economically as well. Following this philosophy, we have transformed sites around the state.  


Over the last five years, increasing demand for property in Tasmania has meant we are now looking a greenfield sites in the north-west, north and east. You can read more about our recent and current projects here.


100% Tasmanian

Born, Bred and Owned

(except for the Red Panda bit)

Why call Tasmanian property company ‘Red Panda’? Well, like the real real red panda we like to stay in our local patch and have pretty much kept out of the limelight. The red panda is cute, nocturnal species that lives in the Himalayan foothills. It is not at all a bear, and is no direct relation to the giant panda. In fact, it is more closely related to otters, which makes perfect sense for us, because we too like being the real estate specialists in our small island state down under down under. And the fact we're born and bred here means we know the market.


Not allowing for its long bushy tail, Red Pandas are about the size of your average cat, with many similar mannerisms. Historically, they were often kept as pets. Now, unfortunately, the species is endangered, which means they are increasingly rare. There are now species survival plans underway in zoos around the world, including Australia. You can read more about these programs here

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