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We know Tasmania!

Post Covid markets have seen different trends suburb to suburb and from region to region. They have also shown an increased buyer interest in lifestyle,  more space and more security, and most of all, 'a liveable location'. 

Whether you are looking to relocate or invest,

for the above reasons and more, Tasmania ticks all the boxes.  

In the nation's major centres you would expect to pay a premium for the ability to work, live and play within a 10-15minute drive, bike ride or walk from home. You would expect to pay even more for a location near beaches, rivers and parks or  things such as shopping, business services, education, community facilities, recreational and sporting resources, and jobs all within 20 minutes’ reach.

Around Tasmania, we have investment opportunities that offer all of the above - and more, at entry prices unthinkable in Melbourne or Sydney.


The market has recently changed, but as the chart below shows, regional Tasmania continues to outperform most of regional Australia. So if you are thinking of relocating, or investing in the nation's best kept secret while you can, talk to us.


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